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Skumi Shirt Guide

A collection of Skumi shirts showing different patterns and colours
September 24, 2018

So you’re looking for a shirt hey? And not just any shirt but the kind of shirt that says “Oh Yeah! This shirt was made for me!”.

Well I dare say we’ve got your back. And if you’re struggling to pick the right shirt for you. . . well check out our guide below and find out just what kind of man (or woman) you are.

Paisley Shirt
That’s right. It’s paisley. And you look glorious in it my friend. Feeling conservative today with just a small paisley print or is today the day you wear your crazy paisley and show people exactly what style is?

Floral Shirt
You’re the ultimate Wing Man. You can charm in any situation and let’s face it. You look goooood in that shirt. Take a load off and relax. The shirt will attract the honeybees in no time. Bzzzzz

Hawaiian Shirt
Well hello Club Tropicana! Here to get laid? Oh sorry “lei’d” is the correct spelling. My bad. Well get yourself a pineapple and let’s find a fancy flamingo to party with!

Party Shirt
What? I couldn’t hear you over your shirt? You’re not afraid to walk around in a loud shirt. In fact, you strut in it. People may stare. Let them. Peasants. Let them bask in your magnificence.

Formal Shirt
Off to the races? A wedding? Ahhh the work Christmas party. Yes I see. You’re going to need something slightly subtle, something with class, something that says “Oh I’m here to party all right but damn I’m going to look good doing it.” Enjoy your evening Good Sir.

Hot Bingo Date Shirt
Hey Grandpa, you’ve still got it going on. Big Time. Show those young whipper snappers that you knew how to dress with style before they were even born. And a heads up – I hear that Shirl AND Laurel are keen as beans!

Big Guy Shirt
Worried you might flex and explode the arms off your shirt big fella? Or are you just a little extra cuddly this year? We’ve all been there buddy which is why we go up to XXX Large in both our short sleeves and long sleeves shirts.

Long Sleeve Shirt
No. You’re not embarrassed of your arms. They’re magnificent. It just so happens that this situation calls for a work shirt with a hint of extra class. This one is for you Mr Corporate Big Shot.

The Jockey
On the petite side? We welcome you to the Extra Small Club. Join us – the leprechauns, the wee lassies with style, the whippets and the featherweights. Get your slim self into one of our XS shirts or t-shirt and feel 10 feet tall! Perfect for that awkward teenage moment when you find yourself too big for kids clothes and too small for menswear.

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