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70’s Getdown


70’s Getdown

Far out! What we’ve got here is a good old fashioned blast from the past.  Were you born in the 70’s?  No? Well come on in anyway and make yourself at home cause we have some vintage inspired retro goodness for you.  I can pretty much hear Joe Cocker singing The Wonder Years theme song right now.  And don’t you worry your fine self about keeping up with the lingo of Bussin and Fit and Bussin Bussin . . . you can just flat out say that shirt is hip.  Or groovy baby.  Even ace.  Can you dig it?

Of course you can.  You’re the man.  And don’t you forget it.  You might not be heading to the disco but you’re still primo.  Now gimme some skin.  And I’ll see you on the flipside.

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