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How to Treat the Big Dog; Father’s Day Gift Ideas on the Sunshine Coast

August 11, 2023

OK firstly, probably stop calling him Big Dog.  Big Fella is also probably not his fav.  Look, the list of names not to call him is extensive.  ‘Dad’ is just fine, in fact, it’s an honour that goes with the greatest gig in the world. So, let’s look at a few ways on how to spoil Dad this Father’s Day on the Sunshine Coast.

  1. Priority on surf. Forget the paper-scissors-rock.  It’s Father’s Day.  He gets first dibs if he wants it so let him get out there and enjoy those early offshore winds if they’re around.  Look I’m not going to pretend I know anything about golf or fishing or mountain bike riding or whatever else he’s into but same thing applies – let Dad pick the prime time for his adventure.
  2. Breakfast is our choice of a going out meal.  Good coffee is key and I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but if the barista has a big beard or lots of tattoos then I am getting excited for that coffee.  Food’s gotta be top-tier and fresh.  Let’s fuel those dad bods to be the machine that keeps this family running.  Our picks at the moment would be Outer Square in Peregian and Ours Café in Moffats.
  3. Market stroll. So, you’ve just eaten a big breakfast in Peregian and it’s a glorious sunny day.  Perfect time for a stroll around the markets.  You might even find him a new shirt as a bonus gift for being World’s Best Dad or runner up to Bandit Heeler.  (See more gift ideas below).
  4. Barefoot Bowls aka beers in the sun. Head to Your Mates Brewing for some barefoot bowls and some locally crafted beers.  It totally counts as a family activity so enjoy bonding time in fresh air and bask in the arvo sun.
  5. If you’ve managed to get yourself an afternoon kip or caught the WSL action on the couch then you are officially ready for dinner.  The Peregian Beach Hotel has sourdough woodfired pizza’s as well and a great menu for families.  Sakana Sushi in Mooloolaba and Mariella Mexicantina in Peregian are great picks too.
  6. Business Time.  You know what’s up.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. The best shirt in the world.  It’s a no brainer.  Get your dad looking like the superfly man that he is.  Best bit is he can rock it whilst ticking off the whole to-do list. If you’re on the fence about a design, don’t worry- we’ll swap it for the right one if you don’t nail it first go.  Or just grab him gift card and he can shop at his leisure online.  Coincidentally catch us at Peregian Markets on Father’s Day.
  2. If you haven’t noticed we’re always doing collabs with The Hemp Haven. It’s too easy to recommend their shoes.  Once you try on a pair, you’re going to kick yourself for not have been wearing them sooner.  You can also find them at Peregian Markets.
  3. Liquorice Moon Pottery. Why does coffee taste better out of a clay cup?  Is it science?  I don’t know.  But it does.  Come and see Eve and Benny at the Peregian Markets too.

As for us, we’re honouring the dads at Peregian Markets on Father’s Day and likely kicking back with our local dad squad for beach hangs all week long, hunting for a wave.

See you out there!


Shout out to all the great dads out there.  The Grandads, Stepdads, Father in Laws, the dads-in-the-making and all men who step into those roles and are doing their best.  We salute you!



Father’s Day Giveaway!

Skumi Clothing x The Hemp Haven x Your Mates Brewing

We’ve teamed up with the legends at The Hemp Haven and Your Mates Brewing for a prize-pack for a Father’s Day Giveaway! YEAH!


  1. A Skumi Shirt of his choice
  2. A pair of super comfy Hemp Haven shoes
  3. A box of Larry cans

For your chance to win:

  1. Follow the three epic business accounts
  2. Tag 2 friends that have awesome dads or are awesome dads on instagram @skumiclothing on the giveaway posts
  3. For an extra 5 entries tell us your best ‘Rad Dad’ story or your favourite thing about your dad or a dad you know. Comment on the giveaway posts.

The winner will be drawn on September 2nd.  Good luck!

Social Media Giveaway Terms & Conditions

  • open only to residents of Australia.
  • Entrants must be over 18 years old on the date of their entry.
  • Instagram or Facebook are not in any way affiliated or involved in the competition.
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