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Mentawai’s Surf Trip

When my surf sister Cat asked me if I wanted to go to the Mentawai Islands on a girls surf trip for her 40th I immediately said yes. . . and also immediately had the thought – wtf am I thinking?!.  Definitely sounded more like a trip for the hardcore. However I am not one […]

Can you dig it?

Far out! What we’ve got here is a good old fashioned blast from the past.  Were you born in the 70’s?  No? Well come on in anyway and make yourself at home cause we have some vintage inspired retro goodness for you.  I can pretty much hear Joe Cocker singing The Wonder Years theme song […]

Your ‘Shop Local’ Christmas Guide

Hey there! It occurred to us the other day how many great businesses and people we know so wanted to share the love and help you smash out your Christmas shopping.   Not only that but because we are a bunch of legends we have decided to give you a sneaky discount when you use the […]

The Evolution of Skumi Clothing

1) When did you start your business (and/or) hobby? How did you come up with the idea/inspiration?  Inspiration: a) Being 6’8 my main inspiration was finding a t-shirt that fit me and wasn’t a sexy crop top (or became one after 1 wash.   b) I also wanted a t-shirt that not every second person owned AND c) […]

Skumi Shirt Guide

A collection of Skumi shirts showing different patterns and colours

So you’re looking for a shirt hey? And not just any shirt but the kind of shirt that says “Oh Yeah! This shirt was made for me!”. Well I dare say we’ve got your back. And if you’re struggling to pick the right shirt for you. . . well check out our guide below and […]

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