About Us

We are beach kind of people, or maybe mountains. Definitely bike and surf and workout kind of people. Inspiration-seekers. Let’s just say adventure is good for the soul. And we love good music. We’re food enthusiasts who get high on coffee and the occasional beer. We’re inspired by the world, and the good humans on it. We’d love to save the world but we’re better at making good clothes so we figure we’ll dress you for the occasion to be the everyday hero. So go on put on that sexy shirt and play that lonely guitar, or chuck on one of our T’s and go rescue that beer trapped in that bottle. Whatever it is you’ve got to do, we’ve got your go-to shirt ready for you.

Skumi was born on the Sunshine Coast and is inspired by all the good things life has to offer; seriously good music, perfect waves, coffee with friends, chats at sunrise and all the natural goodness of the Sunny Coast.

Since 2008, Skumi has been creating clothes based on the ideals that it has to be comfortable, has to be good quality, and has to be good for your body, good for your mind and good for your wallet.

We have a hands-on approach to business, from our initial sourcing of the products, to the unique fabrics for our button ups. Even the individual Skumi designs on our T’s are created by local artists, by us or commissioned with you in mind.

We like good clothes, but what we’d really like to know is your story and how much you are loving your new shirt. We know the value of great customer service and we are continuously looking for ways to offer you the best experience as well as clothing, at the best price, possible.

Come & Say G'day

You can generally find the Skumi stall at the markets below. If I'm not at any of these markets, I will probably have a stall at one of many festivals throughout the year.



Below is a short list of festivals I will generally attend throughout the year.

If you're organising a festival and would like Skumi to attend please just contact me via email wade.mallet@skumi.com.au or phone 0431 535 262.